How to Make a Fishing Lure From Wood

Fishing is both a recreational activity and a full-fledged sport. Some people take fishing so seriously they insist on making their own fishing lures to ensure they get the best lure possible for the type of fish they plan to catch. Wood lures are sturdy and can be carved into anything so you are free to make whatever you wish.


Step 1

Choose a piece of sturdy wood that will withstand the constant moisture from fishing. Draw the outline of the lure on the wood in pencil. With a carving knife, chip away at the edges, so you become closer to the actual outline of the lure. Then in smooth strokes, carve more carefully to the actual shape of the lure.

Step 2

Put on some gloves. Get a piece of sandpaper and sand the edges down. This may take some time as you want to sand all the way down to the drawn lines on the wood so that you are essentially shaping the lure with the sanding process. Sand all the surfaces until you have the shape you desire and all sides are nice and smooth.

Step 3

Draw a dot where you want the hooks to be inserted. With a small handheld drill, drill the holes for the hooks. Sand the top to make it smooth. Then carefully squirt a small amount of superglue in the hole. Press the steel or wire hook into the hole. Squirt a small amount of superglue on the sides of the hook in the hole so the hole is filled. Hold in place so the superglue can dry.

Step 4

Paint the lure with a paint that is water resistant and has a sealant included, if possible. Look at pictures of hooks you like online or in magazines and books. Use these as your model for painting if you need help or aren't sure what coloring and pattern you would like. That's it! You just made your own wooden fishing lure. Good luck fishing.

Tips and Warnings

Test the lure in water to watch its movement and then make adjustments as needed. Don't leave any rough edges or unsanded places as it might splinter your fingers.

Things You'll Need

Chunk of wood, Paint, Wood carving knife, Pencil, Steel hook, Drill, Superglue, Sandpaper, Gloves

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