How to Cut a Straight Line with a Router

Woodworking is a skilled craft. Modern woodworkers can turn to an arsenal of cool tools to produce beautiful pieces. Those tools aren’t worth much, however, if you don’t learn the basics of using them first. Once you have mastered making straight cuts with your saw, it’s time to learn to cut a straight line with a router to create a nice finished edge.


Step 1

Install a router bit in your router. Be sure the nut is tight.

Step 2

Adjust your router to the correct cutting depth. Refer to your machine’s owners’ manual for exact instructions.

Step 3

Clamp your project securely so it will support the weight and pressure of your router during cutting. Clamp a straight edge or T-square to your piece as a guide to cut a straight line at a distance from the edge.

Step 4

Hold the router with both hands--it's heavy, and once you turn it on, it's going to have some momentum of its own. You may find it easiest to work from left to right if your bit rotates in a clockwise direction.

Step 5

Experiment with scrap materials to learn the best speed to feed your router. If you move too slowly, you may put burns in your wood; if you move too rapidly, you may overload the tool and splinter the wood.

Tips and Warnings

Always wear safety goggles or glasses when working with power tools.

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