How to Make a Circle with a Router

A router is like no other electrical appliance when it comes to shaping edges and making decorative grooves, and it definitely tops the list for producing curves and making circles. Although a few safety rules apply when operating a router, by following a few simple steps you will be on your way to creating perfectly round wood circles.


Make a Circle with a Router

Step 1

Clamp your work firmly into place using C-clamps or fast-action bar clamps. A router table is perfect for securing your project in place, but if you do not own a router table, most work benches will do. Just make sure your wood is firmly mounted to the table before you begin.

Step 2

Fit a trammel arm to the router base. This produces a circular template. At the end of the trammel arm is a trammel pin. Place the pin in the center of the circle at the desired radius. Firmly position the pin in place so it will not move while you are cutting your circle.

Step 3

Screw a template follower, which is a small circular disc, to the base of the router when following a template. There is an edge on the template follower that slides smoothly onto the edge of the wood as the router is guided along.

Step 4

Turn on the router and let it reach full speed before beginning your work. Moving slowly, feed the router bit into the wood. Grip the router handles securely to ensure proper control. With your piece solidly supported and firmly anchored, and the router handles gripped tightly, guide the router to the shape of your circle.

Tips and Warnings

To ensure your woodworking project is clean and straight, choose the router edge guide with the straight fence removed. Routers come with different bits. Make sure to choose the appropriate router bit based on the instructions for the project you are creating. Cutting the wood to fast, with your router, can produce ragged and chipped edges. If you see that your work is less than desirable, slow down. Never begin your project until your wood is secured. Once you begin to router, your wood cannot move. Any movement will ruin the shape you are trying to create.

Things You'll Need

Router, Router Table , Router Bits, Clamps, Trammel Arm, Template Follower

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