How to Find Weight Watchers Recipes Online

How to Find Weight Watchers Recipes Online

Weight Watchers is a popular diet plan that many people around the world are using to lose weight. They use a proprietary formula to calculate "points" for their system based on the fiber, fat and calorie content of a certain food. Weight Watcher's recipes always have a point value associated with them. You can find many recipes online with the point value to help you track your intake for the day.


Step 1

Join the Weight Watchers website. If you are actively participating in the Weight Watchers program, such as going to meetings, you can join their website and search hundreds of recipes. You do have to pay a monthly fee to access most of the features of the Weight Watchers website.

Step 2

Check out blogs of people who are also following the program. You can search on sites like Wordpress or Blogger for the key words "Weight Watchers, recipes, points" to find Weight Watcher blogs. You can also use Google's blog search.

Step 3

Visit Dottie's Weight Loss Zone. This is one of the best resources for Weight Watcher's information online. It has recipes, food lists, points for restaurants and fast food places as well as many points for ethnic food. The link to the website is included in the resources below.

Step 4

Do a Google Search. New websites and blogs are being created every day. Do a search through Google or another search engine for "Weight Watchers Recipes" and see what comes up. You are sure to find some new sites and great recipes.

Step 5

Bookmark it. Once you've visited a site that has some recipes you would like to try, be sure to bookmark it in your web browser so you can find it again. You can also print out the recipes you love and store them in a blank notebook or paste them onto recipe cards for storage in your kitchen.

Things You'll Need

Computer, Internet connection, Printer, Notebook or recipe storage container

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