How to Enjoy Eating Tofu

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Tofu has several advantages over meat such as cost, versatility and health benefits. A package of Tofu can be less than a dollar, and has about 20 percent of your daily need for protein in a 4-ounce serving. Everyone knows it's good for you but the problem is ... how to make yourself eat it? Here's how.


Collect Recipes and Start Trying Them

Step 1

Add tofu to recipes you already like. The good news about tofu is that it's basically tasteless. It doesn't have a distinct flavor of its own, it's rather bland. It absorbs the flavor of whatever you cook it with. One trick to enjoy eating tofu is to use it in a recipe that you already enjoy. Tofu comes in a variety of forms. Silken tofu is blend-able and you can toss some into a fruit smoothie and reap the health benefits of soy without even noticing the tofu is there.

Step 2

Add tofu to vegetable dishes, soups or stews. If you have a favorite vegetable dish, chili, or soup, you can add firm or extra firm tofu in ways that won't be distracting to your palate. Drain a block of firm tofu by placing it between two plates. Let it stand until a puddle forms on the bottom plate. Drain. Repeat this a couple of times until the tofu is basically dry. Cut the block into small cubes and fry it in non stick cooking spray or with a healthy oil until it turns golden. Toss the fried cubes into your recipe, and let it simmer. This will have the approximate texture and consistency of scrambled eggs.

Step 3

Order tofu out. If you are not brave enough to try tofu at home, order it at a restaurant and try it there first. Many places offer vegetarian versions of their popular menu items substituting tofu for meat. For instance, P.F. Chang's popular lettuce wraps can be ordered with chicken, or tofu. Be daring and order the tofu one time. You may find that you prefer it. Other chains such as Pick Up Stix will substitute tofu in any entree. This is a great way to try tofu without worrying about how to prepare it properly. Once you find some dishes you genuinely like, you'll be more willing to try it at home.

Tips and Warnings

Take recipes you normally make and enjoy and incorporate tofu. Seek out vegetarian resources for tofu tips and recipes. Look into all the health benefits of soy if you need further motivation. Don't let the idea of tofu keep you from actually trying it. It can be surprisingly delicious. Don't forget the value of tofu; it costs around a dollar a pack. As meat prices increase, it is a great way to get your daily dose of protein without breaking your budget.

Things You'll Need

Tofu, Recipes you already use, A willingness to experiment

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