How to Convince a Spouse to Be a Vegetarian

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Convincing a spouse to be a vegetarian can be tricky. If you are too aggressive, he will rebel. However, if you are too passive, he may not get the point at all. There is a fine line to walk that mixes both verbal and non-verbal communication to do successfully. For your spouse to become a committed vegetarian, he must see the benefits of it for his own life.


Step 1

Offer your spouse delicious vegetarian dishes. Many people frown on being a vegetarian because they don’t like the way vegetables taste. Prove this idea to be wrong by preparing delicious vegetarian dishes. It will slowly convince him to change his meat-eating lifestyle to a vegetarian one.

Step 2

Model a lifestyle of health and happiness to your spouse. If he sees that you have more energy and joy than him, he will connect the dots. Then you will slowly see him desiring to change his own behavior and turn towards a life of vegetarianism.

Step 3

Talk to him directly about your desires for him to be a vegetarian. Tell him that you love him and are concerned about his health. Explain to him the benefits of a diet full of nutrient-filled vegetables. Then offer to help him make the change over to it.

Step 4

Get a mentor or friend to speak to your spouse. If your spouse has a mentor or friend he really respects that is a vegetarian, he will listen to this person. This person's words will go a long way towards convincing your spouse to change his life.

Step 5

Get one of your children to talk to your spouse about being a vegetarian. Children often convince a parent to change a life for the better. So if you have a child who is already eating a vegetable-based diet, get her to talk to your spouse about it. You will be surprised how much this will affect both of them.

Step 6

Give him reading material about the benefits of vegetarianism. This scenario works well with people who enjoy reading and learn best from it. Your spouse will be able to read and ponder the benefits of changing his life and also find out what happens to the animals humans eat in the process of preparing them to be sold in the stores. It will be a real eye-opener for him.

Step 7

Take your spouse to a group meeting that discusses the vegetarian lifestyle. Being able to hear the positive testimony of several vegetarians might convince him to change his diet. It will also give him new friends to surround himself with throughout the process.

Tips and Warnings

Take it one day at a time in your efforts to convince your spouse to be a vegetarian. Be patient with your spouse or you will turn him off of vegetarianism.

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