How to Cut Uniform Bell Pepper Slices

Displaying bell peppers on a serving platter, serving them in an appetizer or preparing them for your favorite fajitas can be difficult. Making the slices uniform and not amateurish can seem beyond reach, never mind the frustration of removing their seeds and spongy centers. If you are planning a get-together or party and would like to save a lot of time and frustration, here is a very simple way to prepare your bell peppers quickly and easily.


Removing the Fleshy Seeded Bell Pepper Core

Step 1

Clean the bell peppers. A fruit and vegetable spray can be used to clean them if desired.

Step 2

Set one bell pepper upright on the cutting board with the stem pointing upward. Using your knife, cut straight down the side of the bell pepper just to the side of the stem base. Your cut should have just missed the core and the bell pepper seeds.

Step 3

Turn the bell pepper 180 degrees and cut the other side of the pepper. You should cut the area just beside the bell pepper stem and core. The core should again not be pierced.

Step 4

Cut the remaining bell pepper flesh from the remaining two sides of the core, leaving the core intact.

Step 5

Remove the remaining fleshy base of the bell pepper from the spongy white middle. This base can be used in soups or stored in the freezer for baked dishes. The core should be now completely removed from the flesh of the bell pepper. The spongy white middle and sides may even still be intact with the seeded core.

Step 6

Discard the bell pepper core. Repeat the same process with the remaining bell peppers.

Uniform Bell Pepper Slicing

Step 1

Place one of the sides of a cored bell pepper on the cutting board with the peel side facing up and the open side facing down. Positioning the bell pepper flesh this way provides a more stable foundation for slicing and making uniform cuts.

Step 2

Cut the bell pepper side into uniform slices. The slices can range from very thin to thicker pieces. The important element is to keep the same thickness between slices.

Step 3

Continue the same process with the remaining bell pepper sides. Cut the small bases of the bell pepper flesh off of the bell pepper core (explained in Step 5 of the previous section) using the same process.

Step 4

Your bell pepper slices should be ready for serving or using with your favorite dishes.

Tips and Warnings

When shopping for bell peppers, try to pick ones that look fresh and that do not have too strange a shape. Poorly shaped bell peppers can be sliced the same way above but uniform slices would be much more difficult to achieve. Using the most uniform bell peppers as possible from the beginning will help ensure your slices look uniform. Bell peppers come in many various colors. For a splash of color, be sure to serve your party trays with orange, yellow, red as well as green bell peppers. Be sure to use caution when slicing your bell peppers. Use a sharp knife and use it carefully. A duller knife can slip and cause injury. Bell peppers have very strong skins and they dull knives quickly. Depending on how many bell peppers need to be sliced, you may need to sharpen your knife blade at least once while slicing them.