How to Grocery Shop Vegan

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Vegans are people who choose to eat no animal products nor animal byproducts. This includes meat, eggs and dairy products. It also includes processed foods containing animal-derived products such as gelatin. Vegans also avoid animal-derived products such as leather, fur and wool.


Step 1

When grocery shopping vegan, the safest bet is to purchase fruits and vegetables. Purchase them fresh, frozen or dried.

Step 2

Read labels carefully and look for the “V” vegan symbol.

Step 3

Read labels carefully for listed animal by-products, such as gelatin.

Step 4

Shop for products that contain tofu. Tofu can be found as “meats,” “cheese” and “yogurt.”

Step 5

Purchase legumes, nuts, rice, grains and beans.

Step 6

Purchase other alternatives to milk products. You can buy milk, cheese and yogurts made from soy. There is also rice milk and almond milk available.

Step 7

Shop at natural food stores.

Step 8

Look for the natural or organic section of your local grocery store.

Step 9

Shop local farmer's markets.

Step 10

Check out local co-ops.

Step 11

Avoid purchasing items that have been tested on animals.

Step 12

Search for online vegan grocery stores where you can order vegan goods and have them delivered to your home for about the same amount as you would play at a local store.

Tips and Warnings

Vegans need to supplement their diets with B12 and amino acids to replace the protein that is otherwise lacking.

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