How to Add Alcohol to Fondue

Simple ways to add alcohol to fondue.


Tricks to adding alcohol to fondue

Step 1

Pick the proper fondue for alcohol. For this we will be using a basic cheese fondue recipe.

Step 2

Pick a medium saucepan, and place it over a burner with medium heat.

Step 3

Rub the inside of a medium saucepan with the peeled garlic clove for traditional swiss cheese fondue recipe. This is to get the garlic taste throughout the pan and into the cheese. Leave it in for only a matter of a minute or less.

Step 4

Toss the garlic from the pan once it has saturated it completely for taste.

Step 5

Place the pan back on medium heat. Add wine and lemon juice, and bring it to a simmer. The heat should remain on medium.

Step 6

Pour in cornstarch along with the alcohol. It should be stirred until the cornstarch dissolves.

Step 7

Add both cheeses in at once, steadily stirring the mixture.

Step 8

Add pepper and nutmeg to taste.

Tips and Warnings

Always cook the fondue first and then put it over the burner. Always drink wine responsibly. If someone has any allergies to alcohol, make the fondue without any alcohol since it is not totally burned away during the cooking process.

Things You'll Need

Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue:, 1/2 Pound grated Gruyere cheese (rind removed), 1/2 Pound grated Emmentaler cheese (rind removed), 1 clove garlic , 1 Cup dry white wine, 1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice, 3 1/2 Teaspoons cornstarch, pepper and nutmeg to taste

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