How to Decorate a Holiday Tree for Valentine's Day

Holiday trees are normally seen during what is known as “the most wonderful time of the year.” Don't let stereotypes stop you from decorating a tree all year round. Valentine's Day offers plenty of options for decorating a holiday tree. Doing this can be a lot of fun and it doesn't have to cost you a lot of money. Here is how to decorate a holiday tree for Valentine's Day.


Step 1

Place red lights on your tree. If you decorate a tree for Christmas, you may already own red lights. White lights are also acceptable for a Valentine's Day holiday tree. You could simply string the lights around the tree as you normally do or you could be a little creative and put the lights on your tree in the formation of a heart.

Step 2

Hang Valentine's Day cards throughout your holiday tree. Your local grocery store will have small and cheap Valentine's Day cards designed for children. Some are actually the size of your normal Christmas tree ornament and are perfect for decorating a holiday tree.

Step 3

Place hearts on the tree. You can find an assortment of hearts at any and all grocery store in your area around Valentine's Day. If you're creative, you can make your own hearts with construction paper. You should also place a big heart at the top of the tree in place of a star. Perhaps you could find an empty chocolate box that is in the shape of a heart and put that on top of your holiday tree.

Step 4

Hang Valentine's Day candy on your holiday tree. These pieces can be substitutes for candy canes on a Christmas tree. There are many assorted candies to be found in stores around Valentine's Day. You may want to leave the candy in a wrapper, though, especially if you have pets or a young child with a sweet tooth!

Step 5

Make a heart-shaped tree skirt with a piece of red or pink cloth. This is very simple to do and should only take a few minutes of your time. Simply cut the cloth in the shape of a heart and place it around the bottom of your tree. The size of the cloth will be determined by the size of your holiday tree.

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