How to Build a Chlorinator

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When it comes to beating the summertime heat, nothing feels better than jumping into a crystal clear swimming pool. While regular pool chlorinators can usually do a fair job at keeping your pool clear, having an extra chlorinator that freely floats about the surface has a better chance of picking up debris and scattering chlorine to areas the pool chlorinator could not reach. Build your own free roaming chlorinator to add an extra amount of cleaning agents to hidden areas of your pool.


Step 1

Take a large nylon sock and fill it half way with granular chlorine.

Step 2

Secure the end of the nylon sock tightly with a rubber band.

Step 3

Place the sock into the skimmer basket or floating basket.

Step 4

Place the lid on the basket.

Step 5

Allow the basket to float freely throughout the pool.

Tips and Warnings

The nylon sock will last about three to four weeks, after that you will have to replace the sock. Purchase a skimmer basket for your pool at your local pool supply store or mass retailer. If a skimmer basket is not available, try purchasing a small basket with a cover at your local mass retail outlet. Use a large thick rubber band for securing your sock, this will prevent too much leakage of chlorine in one spot. Make sure you run your pool's filter system to keep the water circulating which will force the chlorinator to make its way around the pool. Use small ties to keep the skimmer basket lid closed if needed. Avoid getting chlorine on your skin or clothes, this could cause staining or injury.

Things You'll Need

Skimmer basket or floating basket with small holes, Large nylon sock, Rubber band, Granular Chlorine

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