How to Set up an Above Ground Pool

Collapsible frame pools are becoming more and more popular because they are easy to set up and maintain. Setting up your above ground frame pool can be done in less than a day.


Step 1

Choose a flat, level and firm surface. You may want to till the ground a bit to get it as level as possible. Check for stones, sticks or anything else that may poke through your liner. You may even consider using a pool pad or Styrofoam pad for extra protection.

Step 2

Lay out the liner. Stretch the liner as tight as possible. This will take at least two people to be effective.

Step 3

Inflate the rim. Use an air compressor or an air pump to inflate it more quickly. Be careful not to add too much air or it may pop.

Step 4

Work out as many wrinkles in the liner as possible. The less wrinkles you have, the easier it will be to vacuum later while you are maintaining your pool. Once the pool is filled with water, it will be impossible to get the wrinkles out.

Step 5

Set up the frame supports. The frames go on the side of the pool and help support the weight of your pool once it is filled with water. You may consider putting 2"x8" boards under the frames to prevent them from sinking into the ground.

Step 6

Start adding the water. As your pool fills up, the water will raise up the walls of your pool. This will take hours to fill--how much time will depend on the size of your pool.

Step 7

Install the pool pump. There will be holes located on the side of your pool where the hoses and pump should be installed. See the instructions for specific installation guides designed for the pool pump.

Step 8

Add the chemicals once the pool is filled.

Step 9

Set up the skimmer basket. This will rest on the edge of the pool. The skimmer basket will collect any debris that falls into the pool and floats on the surface.

Step 10

Set up the ladder. Place the ladder on a stable even surface to prevent tipping.

Step 11

Enjoy the pool! After all your hard work, you deserve a break.

Tips and Warnings

Be sure to check the chlorine and alkaline levels to make sure they are balanced before swimming.

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