How to Build Spa Enclosures

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If you have a hot tub or a spa, you may find that it needs a new enclosure at some point. Here's how to build one.


Step 1

Measure your spa from every angle, top to bottom, side to side and around. Write these measurements down. Then measure it again. Make sure you measure the old enclosure as well.

Step 2

Purchase four pressure treated 4 x 4's the height of your spa. These will be for the corners of the enclosure.

Step 3

Purchase eight pressure-treated 2 x 4's the length of the sides of your enclosure and eight the height of your spa. These will be used for the frame of the enclosure.

Step 4

Purchase enough plain 2 x 4's to place horizontally along the sides of the enclosure, one on top of another, all the way around. These will be the length of the side, and you will need about 10 per side if your tub is 40 inches tall. 2 x 4's aren't always exactly 2 by 4 inches, so measure them to make sure they will fit when placed against one another.

Step 5

Check your measurements when you get home, one last time.

Step 6

Make sure all of your boards are the correct size; if not, cut them to the correct size.

Step 7

Starting with the corners, attach one 2 x 4 flush against on 4 x 4 at the top, using the deck screws. Do this on each of the 4 x 4's.

Step 8

Get a friend or two to help you. Hold one corner upright and attach the cross-piece of a second 4 x 4. Then hold the second corner as you attach the third. Hold the third as you attach the fourth. Then attach the fourth to the first. You should now have a box.

Step 9

Attach another 2 x 4 against the 4 x 4 about 6 inches up from the bottom. Do this on each of the 4 x 4's

Step 10

Attach the supporting braces--the shorter upright 2 x 4's--at evenly spaced intervals between the corners on each side.

Step 11

Move your frame into place. Be sure it is level.

Step 12

Enlist the help of some friends and lift the hot tub into the frame. Do it carefully, as it is very heavy.

Step 13

Place wood under the bottom of the tub. Never set a hot tub on the ground, or bare concrete. It must be on something that can compress, but not too much. Wood is the best.

Step 14

Make sure the tub and frame are level and make sure all of your plumbing and equipment will fit inside the frame.

Step 15

Attach the remaining 2 x 4's to the sides of the tub, horizontally. Screw them down at the supporting braces and the corners. Make sure you leave a opening so you can get at your controls. You can hide the opening by the stairs, so you can cover the opening with plywood if you wish.

Tips and Warnings

Just add water and enjoy your work. Always make sure your measurements are correct. You can always cut off more wood, but you can't put it back on. Spas are heavy, have a few friends to help with this project.

Things You'll Need

Tape measure, Four pressure-treated 4 x 4's , Enough 2 x 4's for the project, A large box of 2 1/4" treated deck screws, Drill or electric screwdriver, Circular saw

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