How to Make Green Food and Drinks for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is one of the biggest party days in the U.S. In the middle of a long, cold March, what could be more fun than to liven things up with an Irish-themed bash? The green decorations and green clothing worn by partygoers livens up the dreariest late winter day and serves as a reminder of the green grass and trees that are to come. If you want to get really in the spirit of things, you can even plan to have all of your refreshments be green, either by nature or with a little food coloring to help them along.


Step 1

Set out a table stocked with green appetizers. Chips and guacamole are an old standby, and you can also put out bowls of salsa verde. Green vegetables for dipping could include green pepper strips, celery, and raw broccoli, and you could make a fruit salad with chunks of honeydew melon, green apples (with the skin left on so you can see they're green), and, of course, green grapes.

Step 2

Go green in a healthy way with a nice green salad featuring several different varieties of (green) lettuce. Or if you don't want to be so healthy, you could always make a molded Jello salad using lime Jello and some of those marshmallows from a box of Lucky Charms cereal. It might not be "magically delicious," but it's sure to draw a lot of attention.

Step 3

Celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday (March 2) along with St. Patrick's day by whipping up some green eggs and ham. The simplest way to make this is to cut up small pieces of ham and fold them into scrambled eggs which have been colored with food coloring. If you prefer something a bit more natural, use cooked spinach.

Step 4

Cook up some corned beef and cabbage, adding green food coloring to the corned beef water so it takes on a bit of a greenish tinge. Other green (if less traditional) main dishes include green curries, green noodles, basil pesto, and chile verde. If you prefer something on the elegant side, you can poach chicken breasts in green sauce--a white sauce that you have colored with food coloring, parsley, or spinach.

Step 5

Tint some green coconut and use it to top a green-frosted green cake or cupcakes (vanilla dyed with food coloring. Other green dessert ideas include green parfaits made with pistachio or mint chocolate chip pudding or ice cream topped off with a squirt of green-dyed whipped cream.

Step 6

Make your own green beer by placing a few drops of green food coloring in each beer glass. You can also make drinks with green liqueurs, such as the creme de menthe-based grasshopper. Or, how about a Bailey's-based drink like the Floating Leprechaun? Just shake 1 oz. Bailey's, 1 oz. Bushmill's (or other Irish whiskey) and 1 oz. chocolate liqueur over ice, strain into a martini glass and drizzle creme de menthe over the top. If you use white creme de cacao for the chocolate liqueur, you can add a drop or two of green food coloring so the entire drink comes out green.

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Guacamole, Salsa verde, Honeydew melon, Green grapes, Lime jello, Lucky Charms cereal, Corned beef, Cabbage, Eggs, Ham, Green noodles, Pesto, Green curry, Chile verde, Chicken breasts , White sauce, Coconut, Vanilla cake, frosting, Pistachio or mint chocolate chip pudding or ice cream, Whipped cream, Beer, Creme de menthe, Bailey's Irish cream, Bushmill's Irish whiskey, Chocolate liqueur

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