How to Create an Irish Theme Garden

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True gardens in Ireland may cover acres with thousands of plants. Your Irish theme garden, however, can be tailored to fit a corner of the yard or fill a large garden plot. It may include statuary, seating benches and plants common to the Emerald Isle. Use these easy tips to bring an Irish touch to your garden.


Step 1

Make a stone or gravel walkway around the garden. Some Irish gardens are planted as gravel gardens with shrubs and perennial flowers in the gravel beds. Choose vivid green plants with bright flowers to show up against the neutral gravel background.

Step 2

Place reading benches along the walkways for afternoon poetry browsing. Depending on the garden's atmosphere of frivolity, statuary like leprechauns, kneeling angels and frog princes can be placed at focal points or just off the walkway on a gravel base.

Step 3

Plant white clover or shamrock seeds. This perennial herb will grow year after year. Clover likes well-drained, moist soil and full sun. It grows by sending out runners. The plants will go dormant in winter and re-emerge in spring.

Step 4

Use Irish yew as an evergreen tree. Yew can also be grown as a hedge or shaped as topiary. The bark, berries and foliage can be poisonous so do not plant it where children may be tempted to eat off the plant. The Irish yew can thrive in well-drained soil and is drought tolerant after it is established. It is suited to heavy pruning.

Step 5

Place holly plants in a corner or in an open area away from a walkway. Holly is evergreen and its spiky leaves and red berries are popular as holiday decorations. Some varieties have been developed with thornless leaves. Holly is considered invasive in some regions. Check with your garden center for an acceptable regional plant. Holly grows in almost any soil but makes most rapid growth in rich and loamy soil.

Step 6

Add lacy ferns if climate permits for depth and variety. Irish moss is an excellent groundcover with tiny white flowers in bright green foliage. Plant Irish moss between paving stones or where it will not scorch in afternoon sun. Now relax at your garden bench with Irish authors such as William Butler Yeats, Jonathan Swift or Jane Wilde. Enjoy your Irish afternoon.

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White clover, Irish moss, Irish yew, Holly, Perennial flowers, Garden gravel

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