How to Grow Stevia in a Hydroponic Garden

Stevia is an herb with natural sweetness. When used as a food additive, it gives sweetness to drinks and baked goods, without the calories of sugar or the potential dangers of chemical sweeteners. Stevia extract is readily available through online retailers, but it is more economical to grow and make your own. Stevia can be grown in a standard outdoor garden if you live in a tropical location. For everyone else, a hydroponic garden will yield healthy, good quality stevia, for year round use.


Step 1

Measure around the planting pot (the one with the holes) just below the lip of the pot. Make a note of this measurement. Then, measure the diameter of the pot opening. Make a note of this measurement, as well.

Step 2

Saw a hole in the table that is the same size as your first measurement. Take care to keep the hole smaller than the diameter of the pot opening, or the pot will fall through the hole. Err on the small side. The pot needs to rest in the hole without falling through.

Step 3

Place the planting pot in the hole in the table. Fill planting pot to within an inch or two of the top with the chosen filler.

Step 4

Place the two gallon bucket under the planting pot. This pot will catch the water from the planting pot.

Step 5

Attach one piece of tubing to the intake valve on the water pump and the second piece of tubing to the outgoing valve on the air pump.

Step 6

Place the water pump on the floor, next to the reservoir bucket. Place the free end of the intake tubing in the reservoir bucket. Be sure the tubing rests toward the bottom of the bucket. Use the clothespin to attach the tubing to the bucket. Be careful not to pinch the tube closed.

Step 7

Place the free end of the outgoing tubing over the edge of the planting bucket. Use the clothespin to secure the tubing. Be careful not to pinch the tubing.

Step 8

Plug the water pump into the timer and plug the timer into the wall outlet.

Step 9

Fill reservoir bucket halfway with water, and turn the pump on. After one to three minutes, depending on the pump, water should flow through from the reservoir bucket, through the tubing and into the planting bucket.

Step 10

Turn off the water pump.

Step 11

Place the stevia plant in the planting bucket. Be sure the roots are well covered by the chosen filler material.

Step 12

Add liquid nutrients to reservoir bucket. Follow package directions.

Step 13

Turn water pump back on, and enjoy the stevia.

Things You'll Need

Stevia plants (available at many local plant nurseries), 1 One-gallon pot, with drainage holes, 1 Two-gallon bucket with no holes, Fish tank water pump and tubing, 1 Bag of light filler (perlite or vermiculite), 1 Small table--you'll be cutting hole in this, 2 Clothes pins, 1 Timer, Liquid nutrients for hydroponic gardens., Saw

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