How to Make Drink Holders From Flamingo Lawn Ornaments

Make something tacky into something fun for your next party. image by Public Domain

They may have reached the height of popularity during the art deco styles of the 1950's, but the plastic lawn flamingo is now considered either tacky or the height of kitschy fun. The ostentatious ornithological birds are usually made of resilient pink plastic. They have aluminum rods simulating legs to stick in the ground. The next time you are planning a pool party, consider fashioning some fun drink holders from these guys to liven up the party.


Step 1

Purchase or acquire some flamingo lawn ornaments. If you planning an event with a large number of people, your best bet will be to go to a discount store where you can buy them in packs of 2,3 or 4 for a reasonable price.

Step 2

Make a circle pattern. Using a plastic cup, trace a pattern on a piece of paper with the smaller end serving as the size regulator. It will allow the cup to slide into a certain point and stop. Cut out the outlined circle.

Step 3

Use the circle to trace the cup hole. On the largest part of the flamingo’s back, press the circle pattern down firmly with one hand and trace with the black marker.

Step 4

Cut out the circle. Stab a knife through the black marker line and carefully cut along the line. Try to keep the cut smooth. If you find the plastic harder to cut, try sharpening the knife.

Step 5

Remove the plastic circle from the flamingo’s bask. Using the masking tape, cover the cut out edge to assure that no one is scratched. You also want to make sure that no one’s cup gets punctured.

Step 6

Light them up. Simply drop a battery powered LED tea light into the flamingo body.

Tips and Warnings

Use gloves and caution when cutting with the knife.

Things You'll Need

Plastic Flamingo, Black marker, Paper, Plastic Cup, Masking Tape, Knife, Battery LED tea lights

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