How to Build a Water Fountain Using Pots

A busy back yard or patio can be transformed into a tranquil and relaxing retreat by adding a water fountain. With terra-cotta planters, water fountains are easy to design and put together. It's easy to build a water fountain out of planters, and you can place small cascading plants around your fountain to add an element of nature to your deck, back yard or patio.


Step 1

Terra-cotta pots are extremely porous, so apply a liquid sealant to the inside of both terra-cotta planters. Allow to dry for several hours before continuing.

Step 2

Place the pump inside the smaller pot and guide the pump cord through the drain hole at the bottom. The pump should sit securely on the brick. Seal the drainage hole tightly with caulking around the cord. Let caulking dry completely.

Step 3

Caulk the bottom drainage hole in the large pot to seal it tightly. Using a masonry bit, drill a hole in the side of the large pot. Run the fountain cord from the small pot out through that hole.

Step 4

Fill the large pot three-quarters full of potting soil. While filling, be sure that the fountain cord has adequate slack. Place the smaller pot directly on top of the dirt and fill with water.

Step 5

Plant greenery. Cascading plants will grow well in this environment. Some good choices are sweet potato vine, English ivy and cascading petunias.

Tips and Warnings

Place the fountain in an area that is within reach of an outdoor outlet. Do not use an extension cord to plug in a water fountain.

Things You'll Need

24-inch terra-cotta pot, 12-inch terra-cotta pot, Water sealant, Submersible pump and fountain, 1 brick, Caulking, Drill with masonry bit, Potting soil, Cascading plants

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