How to Build a Tiki Hut

Tropical themed backyards, rooms and other areas are a lot of fun they offer an open, exciting and relaxed feel. A tiki hut adds a lot of great ambiance as well shade from the summer sun. Put a table under it, build a hut over a barbecue or simply build one for decoration.


Step 1

Determine the height you want your tiki hut to be. Measure four bamboo poles to that desired height. Saw off the edges to cut the poles. Decide how wide you want the hut to be and cut three additional poles to that desired length. Cut two more poles the length of how deep you want the hut.

Step 2

Place two poles of the ground for the length and two for the depth. Arrange into a square or rectangle according to the lengths. Screw the ends together with a screwdriver. Be sure to put two screws into each end, one on the outer edge and one on the inner edging. Pull at the poles to make sure they are secure.

Step 3

Cut four more poles of equal length. Saw the ends so they come to a blunt point. Have another person stick a pole into the inside of one of the frame's corners and hold up at an angle. Screw it into place. Repeat with the remaining three poles. Take the last length pole and have someone else hold it in the center of the frame where all the angled poles meet. Screw these into the center pole. You should now have a frame of a slanted edge cover.

Step 4

Slice the inner edges of the lower frame and the inner edges of the top length pole. Slide the ready made thatched palm panels into the sliced edges. Get out your silk leaves. Tie string around each stem and string them from the top of the cover. Tie down to the top pole so that the leaves hang down. Continue until the entire cover is covered by leaves.

Step 5

Have two people lift up the cover and another person hold a height pole under one corner of the covering. Screw the height pole to the now thatched and leaf covered covering. Repeat with the remaining three height bamboo poles. That's it! You've just made a bamboo tiki hut!

Tips and Warnings

Decorate with fun tropical decor Add string lights to have a lit tiki hut

Things You'll Need

Bamboo poles, Ready made thatched palm panels, Silk leaves, String, Scissors, Screwdriver, Screws, Saw, Measuring tape, Carving knife

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