How to Set Up a Halloween Graveyard

No yard decorated for Halloween is complete without a graveyard. A yard at Halloween is a blank canvas just waiting for your creativity. Let your imagination go wild when planning your graveyard. Outdo yourself, and your neighbors, each year. Here are some tips for giving your ghastly trick-or-treaters a real treat.


Step 1

Place tombstones around your yard. The more tombstones you have, the better the effect will be. It will be less expensive if you make your own tombstones, rather than purchasing them. Making your own also allows you to get creative with the epitaphs. Use either cardboard or wood, but cardboard will probably not last longer than a year or survive bad weather.

Step 2

Stretch fake cobwebs anywhere that they will stick. The thinner you stretch the cobwebs, the more realistic they will appear.

Step 3

Place plastic skeletons in your graveyard. If you buy the kind that come apart, take one apart and place the parts separately around your yard.

Step 4

Place eyes that light up in nearby bushes. The scarier the eyes appear, the better.

Step 5

Place a few zombies in front of your tombstones so it appears they are climbing out of a grave.

Step 6

Hang some ghosts in nearby trees so they are still visible to people passing by or coming into your yard to trick or treat.

Step 7

Use solar lights to highlight areas in your graveyard that need more light. This will give the area enough light to showcase your masterpiece without being so bright it ruins the eerie effect.

Step 8

Play scary sound effects from a CD player in your graveyard. The sound effects combined with the visual effects will make for a hair raising good time.

Step 9

Place a fog machine in your grave yard if possible. Fog will really give the graveyard the right effect, but a machine may be hard, or expensive, to come by.

Things You'll Need

Tombstones, Fake cobwebs, Plastic skeletons, Light-up eyes, Zombies, Ghosts, Solar lights, Scary sound effects , Fog machine (optional)

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