How to Break Up Concrete

When people pour concrete, they tend to think that it will be a permanent fixture in the yard. However, if the need arises and you must break up the concrete, there is a way to do it, but you will more than likely need the assistance of another person with upper body strength.


How To Break Up Concrete

Step 1

Divide area. No matter what the size of concrete that you are planning to break, divide it into sections so that the task will not seem as daunting. You can either make the divisions by using sidewalk chalk or chalk line. By creating divisions, you will be able to complete a certain number of sections before you take a break.

Step 2

Break up. Take a pick and begin to slam in down into the concrete, creating the first break one hit at a time. When doing this part of the project, it is crucial that you protect yourself. Wear a back support as well as safety goggles to eliminate any accidental injuries.

Step 3

Break some more. After you have gotten the concrete area broken into large sections, break apart into smaller pieces. By using a sledge hammer or possibly even a regular hammer, you can break large chunks of concrete into more manageable sizes.

Step 4

Haul. Carefully load pieces in to wheel barrow or cart. If you are recycling the small pieces of concrete, dump all pieces into a pile near the new project area. If you are disposing of the concrete at a different location, transfer the pieces from the wheel barrow or cart onto the truck bed or trailer that you will use to haul it off.

Step 5

Prepare ground. If you are planning to grow grass or flowers in the area that the concrete was removed, slightly till the soil with a shovel to make sure that all of the pieces of concrete have been removed, then pat the ground down firmly to even out the dirt. If you will be using the area for a lawn, now is the time to plant grass seed and cover lightly with straw. If you are planning a garden or flower bed, add some nutrients back into the soil.

Tips and Warnings

Always work with construction or garden gloves to spare your hands from getting cuts and blisters.

Things You'll Need

a pick, a sledge hammer, gloves, wheel barrow or cart

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