How to Pot up Marginal Pond Plants

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A marginal pond plant, a bog plant and an emergent pond plant are different names for the same kind of plant. If a plant sticks up above the water, it is a marginal pond plant. They get the name from growing at the sides of bogs, lakes, rivers and swamps. We love to put them in our ponds because they give a vertical dimension to our pond design. Marginal pond plants want to have their feet wet, but not be any deeper than just below the surface of the pond.


Potting up the Marginal Plant

Step 1

Get the pot ready. Occasionally we get marginal plant's bare roots from an online store or from a friend when she divides hers. When this happens, we have to pot up the plant ourselves to get it ready to go in the pond.

Step 2

Fill a black plastic pot with heavy clay or sand.

Step 3

Place the plant in the pot at the same level it was planted before. You can see the marks on the plant.

Step 4

Put washed pea gravel on top of the sand or soil. This will keep the fish from uprooting the plant while rooting around looking for food.

Placing the Plant in the Pond

Step 1

Spray paint the cinder blocks black. When they are dry, place as many in the pond as you need for the number of plants you have.

Step 2

Put the plants on top of the cinder blocks. Stack the blocks on their sides with two at the bottom and two on top of those if you need that much height. A cinder block is 8" x 8" x 16".

Step 3

Put the marginal plant in the water so the top of the pot is no deeper than 1" below the surface of the water.

Tips and Warnings

Be sure you wash the pea gravel well before you top off your pot with it. If the plants are tall, put the small pot inside a larger pot and fill with pea gravel. That will make the pot stand up when the wind blows hard. Always be sure to unplug your pump and any electrical devices before you put marginal plants in the water.

Things You'll Need

Cinder blocks, Black spray paint, Sand, or, Heavy clay soil, Pea gravel

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