How to Decorate a Snowman

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Creating a snowman in the winter is as easy as rolling up three balls of snow. The dilemma comes when it is time to decorate the snowman. Decorating the snowman should be the most fun part of building a snowman. You want to be creative and show your neighbors a little bit about yourself. Once you have a few ideas you will be able to decorate your snowman in a jiffy.


Step 1

Decide whether you want to decorate a snowman in your likeness, after a famous celebrity, or just practice fashion design on the snowman. Once you decide which direction you want to take, you can begin to come up with a plan to decorate the snowman.

Step 2

Choose the gender of the snowman before continuing. This may have been done in step 1 if you decided to create a snowman in your likeness or if you decided to imitate your snowman after a celebrity. If you want to practice fashion designing, you will need to decide if your snowman is a male or female model.

Step 3

Work on the features first. If you are creating a likeness of yourself you may need a pair of glasses for the snowman or a mohawk. This all depends on your own features. If you are creating a celebrity like Marilyn Monroe, you may need a blond wig and a mole. If you are creating a fashion model you will want the snowman to look like they are wearing make-up. You can achieve this look with some snow paint. It is now sold in stores and online.

Step 4

Add the rest of the face. There are always raisins for the eyes and mouth. You can use carrots for noses. Any type of vegetable will work if you cut it to make your desired affect. For instance, if you want a blue eyed snowman because you have blue eyes, use a sliced olive and place a blueberry inside of it. Then place it on the snowman's face. Just dig a little hole in the snow where you want the eye to go and push the olive in place. If you want your snowman to look like they have lipstick, you can use red licorice to make the mouth. Just use your imagination and available foods.

Step 5

Pick out the clothing. If you are modeling yourself, this step should be easy. Just pick out one of your outfits and put it on the snowman. Use sticks for arms, but you can't put the sticks in the snowman until you put the shirt, suit, or dress on the snowman. Then slide the stick through the arm hole and in to the snowman's side. If you are creating an Elvis snowman make sure you add some clothes with sequins. A Michael Jackson snowman should have one glove on the end of the stick and a Thriller type jacket. If you are fashion designing. you will want to work with fabrics and create a look that conforms to your snowman's figure.

Step 6

Add the final touches. If you modeled your snowman after yourself, add something that you are known for. If you are a bookworm, tape a book to the snowman's "arm." If you play the guitar, then strap a kid's guitar to the snowman. If you modeled the snowman after a celebrity like Britney Spears, give the snowman a microphone. Be creative and have fun.

Tips and Warnings

Take pictures of your snowman for some great memories. Make sure you attempt this on a cold day or the snowman will melt before you are done designing it.

Things You'll Need

Pieces of clothing, Fabric, Snow paint, Vegetables

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