How to Eat Meals in the Car With Children

Lives are busy even before you introduce children. When children get added into the mix, however, busy doesn't even begin to describe it. One of the easiest ways to get some extra time is to eat meals while driving to various activities. For example, if your children eat their lunch while in the car driving to their piano lessons, you have saved yourself some time. Eating in the car is no picnic, however. In order to have a successful meal with children in the car, there are certain steps you must take. This article will show you exactly what to do to have your children eat an easy, clean meal in the car to simplify your life.


How to Eat Meals in the Car With Children

Step 1

Supply finger foods. The car is no place for forks and spoons. Leave the utensils and any food that requires them at home. Instead, serve sandwiches, granola bars, squeezable yogurt snacks, trail mix, bananas, apples and dry cereal. In fact, foods that can be eaten with one hand are desirable.

Step 2

Pack a spill-proof cup. Always carry a spill-proof cup or a cup with a straw in the car with you. If you need to stop at the gas station for milk or juice, they will not provide you with an acceptable car drink container. Instead, poor the milk into your own spill-proof cup.

Step 3

Have plenty of wet wipes. Napkins simply aren't enough when you don't have a sink or running water at your disposal. Wet wipes also allow children to clean themselves fairly well. You simply pull one out and hand it back.

Step 4

Grab some paper bags for each person. Instead of handing each child individual foods like a banana, sandwich and cookie, fill up a bag. Put each meal into its own paper bag and give the child the bag on the car ride.

Step 5

Place a large plastic bag in the middle of the car for a garbage. Eating food creates garbage. Apple cores, banana peels, empty chip bags and empty sandwich bags need a place to go instead of on your car floor. The large plastic garbage bag in the middle of the car will save you time when it is time to clean up the mess.

Tips and Warnings

You don't have to eat unhealthy foods when you are on the road. There are plenty of fast-food restaurants that provide healthy alternatives. Don't leave milk or extra food in the car unless it's a cold day. It will make the car smell disgusting when you get back. That smell could stay in your car for days.

Things You'll Need

Paper bags, Large plastic bags, Spill-proof cup, Wet wipes

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