How to Use a Slim Jim

This man will not eat his sandwich unless it comes with a Slim Jim image by Photo by Ryn Gargulinski

A Slim Jim is that greasy yet delicious salami stick that many people equate with starving to death while they are out camping. But it doesn’t have to be that way because you can use a Slim Jim as a tasty snack for a variety of scenarios, not just when camping. Here’s how.


Step 1

Pack one in your lunch. A sandwich becomes complete with a tasty side of salami stick.

Step 2

Leave one in your car’s glovebox. When red lights and traffic jams get your stomach growling, relief will be easily at hand.

Step 3

Keep a few handy in your desk at work. You’ll be amazed how much you come to love these things during those late nights on deadline.

Step 4

Use them at parties. Placed attractively in a jazzy glass, Slim Jims make for great dipping sticks with chips and dip or vegetables.

Step 5

Cut them into little pieces and pile near the cheese on a plate serving crackers. It's guaranteed they’ll be gone in a heartbeat.

Tips and Warnings

Yes, you can admit you are serving a Slim Jim. People may get nostalgic about these age-old snacks. Listen to their stories and maybe you can compile a Slim Jim anthology. Don't eat too many at once. Just don't.

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Photo by: Photo by Ryn Gargulinski

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