How to Learn Craftsmanship in Pottery

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Pottery is a wonderful hobby and if you are an enthusiast ready to take your skills to the next level, learning craftsmanship in pottery is a natural extension of your talent, passion for the medium, and of course also your eagerness to excel. Since you are most likely practicing your craft in the comfort of your home or studio, finding ways of honing your craftsmanship in pottery may take a bit more effort than simply packing up your supplies and heading to the nearest school. As a matter of fact, when you follow these easy steps explaining how to learn craftsmanship in pottery, you cannot help but heighten your skill level as well as the level of enjoyment you derive from your craft!


How to Learn Craftsmanship in Pottery

Step 1

Access YouTube, ExpertVillage and other online sites that showcase intricate pottery craftsmanship techniques with the help of a webcast; some of these are geared toward beginners, but if you select the appropriate videos depending on your expertise and skill level, you have an excellent chance at learning a new aspect of the craft that can greatly increase your level of craftsmanship.

Step 2

Join a local potters’ guild. Members of these guilds span all levels of ability and willingness to experiment with shapes, materials, and styles. Mentoring relationships frequently form in these loosely knit communities and if you are searching for a very specific facet of craftsmanship in pottery you wish to learn, this is a premier venue to hook up with other pottery aficionados who may very well already be adept at it. Some of the guilds also hold classes and signing up for those which interest you can further expand your horizons.

Step 3

Become a member of the American Potters Council and benefit from interacting with other clay enthusiasts from across the nation. This can significantly open up your knowledge base with respect to other features of craftsmanship in pottery you may not yet have thought of but which may be enjoyable for you to learn.

Step 4

Plan a vacation around a location where a specific aspect of pottery craftsmanship is taught on site. Indian reservations, historic sites, and a plethora of other such venues offer pottery classes for advanced students and those who are seeking to learn a particular facet of pottery craftsmanship germane to the area or culture. You benefit tremendously from this hands-on experience offered by expert teachers.

Step 5

Check with your local pottery supplier to find out if she is knowledgeable about a network of ongoing pottery workshops in your area. Frequently these meetings are not advertised online or in the paper and they are more an informal meeting of enthusiasts that enjoy pottery as much as you do. Since artists and their suppliers are notoriously close knit, the vendor from whom you purchase clay and other items is a premier source of such information.

Step 6

Surf the web and look for pottery forums dedicated to interactions between pottery enthusiasts of varying skill levels. Even though this is convenient since you can do it from home, remember that approach lacks the hands-on interaction and may require extra effort until you get the hang of the characteristic of craftsmanship in pottery you are seeking to learn. You can achieve a similar effect by purchasing books but the latter is a method that lacks the ability to go back and ask questions of individual posters.

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