How to Purify Your Home's Air With House Plants

Many items that are inside the home and make life more comfortable for us also contribute to chemical buildup. A buildup of toxins can lead to numerous health problems. However, you can purify the air inside naturally by using indoor plants.


Step 1

Incorporate mother-in-law’s tongue in your home decor. Place the plant in indirect sunlight and keep the soil moist. It’s effective in removing formaldehyde, toluene and xylene.

Step 2

Use peace lily plants to remove chemicals such as benzene, toulene, acetone, ammonia and formaldehyde. Place the plant in full sunlight and drench the soil. Water again before the soil is completely dry.

Step 3

Place bamboo plants, areca palms, Boston ferns or peace lily plants around the house, near your bed, on your desk or any area where you spend time regularly. These plants are all-rounders and are easy to care for.

Step 4

Remove chemical vapors with florist’s mum, Kimberley queen, English ivy, or dracaena. These plants received high marks in tests for their ability to remove chemical vapors.

Step 5

Consider using chrysanthemums to remove toxins from new paint and benzene from plastics. Azaleas purify air from irritants present in insulation, as well as in foam carpet pads.

Tips and Warnings

Microbes around a plant’s roots convert toxins into plant food. A house of approximately 1,800 square feet requires about 15 to 20 of the plants mentioned to purify the air. It takes one plant per 100 square feet.