How to Plan a Father's Day BBQ

Planning a Father’s day barbecue is great way to show your dad how much you love him and appreciate everything he has done for you. Steak, chicken cooked on the grill along with awesome potatoes and a great chocolate cake will show your dad how much you love him.


Step 1

Purchase the items in the above section, along with a grill if needed. This is a simple yet tasty way to celebrate father’s day, with not much effort.

Step 2

Marinate your steak in your favorite marinade the day before the barbecue to assure that the flavors intermingle with in the steak. You can also marinate the chicken in a can of beer, using a can of beer to every two pounds of chicken. At the barbecue go ahead and grill as usual with your favorite barbecue sauce. You could also secure a smoker grill to make smoked turkey that is moist that is perfect for any father’s day barbecue.

Step 3

Chop up potatoes, onions, peppers and place on a piece of tin foil. Sprinkle on salt, pepper, garlic, add a pat or two of butter, fold over the tin foil to seal in these flavors. Cook these potato packages on the grill along side the meats, each small package should contain one serving of grilled potatoes per guest. These are also excellent when cooked on a campfire. The other side dishes could be made elsewhere, brought to the father’s day barbecue, and stored in coolers or refrigerators until it is dinnertime.

Step 4

Make a chocolate cake per the directions on the box, or create one from scratch. When the cake is cooled completely, top it with the tub of cool whip for a cool refreshing dessert. If you prefer not to have a chocolate cake then any type of cake is wonderful, especially the orange cake when topped with cool whip.

Step 5

Add ice to the bucket or cooler to assure that you have plenty of icy cold drinks for the guests, however leave the alcohol out of this party if there will be children involved. Purchase an assortment of drinks for the guests to enjoy. You can use a drink cooler with a spout for lemonade or other drinks for the children.

Things You'll Need

Grill, Steak, Chicken, Barbecue sauce, Potatoes, Chopped onions, Chopped pepper, Garlic , Chocolate cake, Tub of cool whip, Lemonade or soda, Tin foil, Bucket or cooler full of ice
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