How to Follow the Perricone Skincare Diet

The Perricone Clear Skin Prescription is a diet and lifestyle that helps calm inflammation of the skin, eliminating acne, calming rosacea and balancing hormonal levels in the body. By following this diet, and by practicing yoga and drinking water, clear skin is within reach.


Food that Cures

Step 1

Start your day with a few almonds or egg whites. Always eat protein first. After eating the protein, have a small cup of plain yogurt with cantaloupe or blueberries. These foods are low in sugar and thus less likely to cause inflammation of the skin.

Step 2

For lunch, tuna or a salad with romaine lettuce are great options. Also, broccoli, olives and beans are great toppings on a fresh leafy salad. Use a natural, homemade salad dressing, such as olive oil with a few drops of lemon.

Step 3

Eat seafood! Seafood is great for dinner. Salmon or any shellfish contain nutrients that your skin needs. Add a side of mushrooms, bell peppers, cauliflower or tomatoes. Steer clear from any starchy foods, such as potatoes, pasta and rice. Stick with fish and veggies.

Yoga as a Healthy Habit

Step 1

Practice yoga. Yoga has a plethora of health benefits. It stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, lowers the pulse rate, decreases blood pressure and improves posture and, in turn, boosts confidence.

Step 2

Start with a comfortable seated position. Focus on your breath. Bring attention to your heart rate. This calms the nervous system. Yes, by SITTING AND BREATHING!

Step 3

Comfortably bend forward, either sitting (as pictured) or standing. Bend from the hips.

Step 4

Try variations of comfortable seated position, such as Head to Knee pose. Focus on your breath and always bend at the hips.

Step 5

Do other poses, such as cat/cow, wheel, down dog and tree pose.

Tips and Warnings

Always eat protein first! Boost your fatty-acid intake with olive oil, flaxseed, fish oil and other nutritious foods, such as salmon and walnuts. Practice Yoga. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. Avoid coffee, breads, alcohol, juices and any other high carb/high sugar foods. Notice your stress level! If you feel your heart rate increase, take a few soothing, calming breaths. Avoid spicy and citric foods.

Things You'll Need

Anti-inflammatory foods (listed below), Knowledge of a few easy yoga poses

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Ashley Martinez works in the Chicagoland area for a health promotion and disease prevention company as a health consultant. She is also a certified yoga instructor and in the past danced with a professional modern dance company.

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