How to Make Walnut Trail Mix Snacks

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Walnuts are nutritious nuts. They contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, protein, fiber and other good things. Besides, they are delicious. Walnuts mixed with two more ingredients make a great trail mix. These simple steps will get you trekking.


Step 1

Walnuts. Walnut halves or pieces are easier to eat than ground or sliced walnuts. Walnuts not used right away should be repackaged in freezer bags and stored in the freezer. They can be used directly out of the freezer for meals and do not need thawing.

Step 2

Berries. Fruit adds sweetness and a quick energy boost. Use dried fruit such as raisins, cranberries, blueberries or other small fruit pieces.

Step 3

More nuts. Roasted peanuts are a good source of protein and fiber with low carbohydrates. Almonds, cashews or other nuts can be substituted depending on personal taste.

Step 4

Combine. Use three compatible ingredients such as walnuts, cranberries and peanuts. Adjust the ingredients to suit individual taste. A typical serving is a quarter to a half cup per person.

Step 5

Package. Make individual servings ahead of time in snack tubs or plastic bags. Refrigerate the extra packages for freshness. Tuck one in a lunch bag or in the car for the day's errands.

Things You'll Need

Walnuts, Dried berries, Roasted peanuts, Snack tubs or bags

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Photo by: Photo by Phyllis Benson

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