How to Make a Boomerang Out of a Pizza Box

Boomerang pattern

Who doesn't love to sit down to a great pizza dinner with their favorite toppings?But what do you do with that cardboard pizza box, when the pizza's gone? Forget about the recycling center. It's time for fun. Did you know that you can make a great boomerang out of that greasy old pizza box? And just as good as real thing. So, finish that pie, and let's make a boomerang out of the box!


Step 1

On a plain piece of paper, draw a boomerang shape, and cut it out. This will serve as your pattern for your pizza box boomerang.

Step 2

Find a pizza box. Try not to use one that is too greasy or messy. You want to be able to decorate it, and the grease will interfere! You may even be able to ask your local pizzeria if they can give you a box.

Step 3

Trace your boomerang shape onto the top of your pizza box. One pizza box can make two boomerangs. So you can trace one on the top and one on the bottom of the pizza box.

Step 4

Cut out your boomerang shape. A good pair of scissors will make this much easier to do! You can also use an x-acto knife, which will make a nice cut.

Step 5

Decorate your boomerang. You can paint it, color it, or even use stickers and markers, to decorate your boomerang.

Step 6

Practice throwing our boomerang. The more you practice, the better you will become at mastering the technique.

Tips and Warnings

To throw the boomerang, pinch it between the thumb and forefinger. When you throw, give your wrist a snap and let go. Always play with your boomerang outdoors. Make sure your practice space is clear of anything breakable, or other people. A boomerang in the face will hurt.

Things You'll Need

Plain piece of paper, Pizza box, Scissors, X-acto knife, Paints, markers, crayons or other decorations

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