How to Make a Heart Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the meal that breaks a physical fast. A solid breakfast not only cuts the desire to binge around brunch or lunch, it also jump starts your metabolism. What you eat for breakfast can determine your activity level for the rest of the day and weigh heavily on your heart. Have a healthy breakfast to provide good energy for your heart, body and brain.


Step 1

Choose whole-grain cereals in flake or nugget form and choose whole grain or whole wheat breads and biscuits. Whole grains are rich in vitamins E and B and fiber.

Step 2

Before you spread fatty butter and sugar-drenched jellies and jams on your bread choices, think about going with natural sweeteners like honey, agave nectar, molasses or brown rice syrup.

Step 3

Make breakfast less about fatty meats, instead lean towards lean protein. Because the body has to work harder to digest proteins, it burns more calories in the process. You will also find you will not get hungry as quickly with lean proteins.

Step 4

Watch out for carbs-only breakfasts. They give you a boost of energy but they also wear off quickly increasing your appetite, infuse carbs with lean protein to help stabilize blood sugar.

Step 5

Fiber is a must in the morning, whether you get it from fruits like apples and pears, or through an egg white spinach omelette. When you morning is infused with fiber you lower the risk of heart disease, some cancers, diabetes and stroke. Fiber also can help diabetics maintain steady blood sugar and insulin levels.

Tips and Warnings

Some possible menu options for heart healthy breakfasts include: Whole-grain cereal like oat bran with flaxseed, Skim, almond or rice milks, Fresh berries, or any fresh fruit, Walnuts, almonds or reduced fat peanut butter, Oatmeal, natural without added sugar, add your own fresh fruit and natural sweeteners, Yogurt, non-fat and plain, again add your own fresh fruit, nuts and flaxseed, Egg white omelets with dark green vegetables or freshly chopped tomatoes, Smoothies made with a variety of fruits, vegetables, non-dairy milks
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