How to Make a Wrist Orchid Corsage

Many people prefer wrist corsages, to the more traditional pin-on varieties. Even if you know little to nothing about flower arranging, you can easily create your own wrist corsage, using just a few simple materials, and a fresh orchid stalk from your florists shop. Be sure that the stalk you select has several small buds, as well as at least 3 medium to large, open blooms.


Step 1

Separate the flowers, leaving the buds in tact. Cut the stems off each flower, leaving about 1". When you cut the flowers from the stem you will need to ensure that you leave stems that are long enough to be able to be taped together, but not so long that the stems will keep the corsage from laying comfortably on the wearers wrist. You will need 3 flowers, cut from the stalk, as well as bud on the stem.

Step 2

Attach a piece of floral wire to each flower, and wrap securely with floral tape, to hold it in place.

Step 3

Gather the three orchids together in one hand, to form a simple bouquet. Arrange the blooms with the largest in the center, and smaller ones on either side.

Step 4

Holding the flowers tightly wrap the three stems together with floral tape, to form one "stem."

Step 5

Remove one bud from the stalk. When you cut the bud, you will want to leave a longer stem than you left on the blooms. The length that you need will vary, depending on the size of the blooms you use. The bud stem should be between 4 and 6 inches, long enough so that when taped to the back of the corsage, the bud will be able to be seen from the front.

Step 6

Turn the corsage upside down, and attach the bud to the back, using floral tape. Secure the stem of the bud to the other stems, as you did with the blooms.

Step 7

Measure your wrist using a length of ribbon. Add about 3 inches, to ensure that the ribbon will be long enough to tie to the corsage, as well as your wrist. Cut the ribbon to the desired length.

Step 8

Turn the corsage over again, so that the back is facing you. Tie the ribbon, in a single knot, to the taped stems at the back of the arrangement.

Step 9

Preserve the corsage until ready to wear, by storing in the refrigerator, up to 24 hours.

Step 10

Tie the corsage loosely in a bow to the wearers wrist. Make any last minute adjustments to the position of the blooms, if needed.

Things You'll Need

One stalk of orchid in your choice of color, matching ribbon, floral wire, floral tape

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