How to Keep Orchids Looking Beautiful

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Orchids are beautiful flowers and they can be very satisfying to grow at home. Many people are intimidated by the thought of caring for, and maintaining, orchids. However, there are some relatively easy steps that you can take in order to keep your orchids healthy. The following article discusses how to keep your orchids looking beautiful and healthy.


How to Keep Orchids Looking Beautiful

Step 1

When you water your orchids, be sure to not over water them. Do not allow the growing medium to become completely saturated.

Step 2

If you have orchids on your windowsill, be careful when the sun is out. If you leave your orchids in direct sunlight for too long, dark spots will appear on the leaves. If it appears that the leaves on your orchid are fading, move it away from the window.

Step 3

Choose the correct orchid for your home conditions. If you have low light in your home, be sure to chose an orchid that can thrive in low lighting conditions.

Step 4

If your orchid seems healthy but is not blooming, too little light is usually to blame. If you have your orchid in a dimly lit area, gradually move it to where it can receive more light.

Step 5

Controlling the temperature around your orchid can help to stimulate bloom growth. Drop the temperature by 10 degrees at night and turn it back up during the day.

Tips and Warnings

If you are purchasing your first orchid, Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium are good choices for beginners. Purchase your orchid from a plant nursery or online orchid dealer. You will be able to find them cheaper elsewhere but it is unlikely that they were properly cared for before your bought them. If your orchid is exposed to bright light, be sure to allow plenty of airflow around it. During the summer, you should water your orchid more often than you would during the winter. Don not expose your orchid to tobacco smoke. The tobacco mosaic virus that is present in tobacco smoke will negatively affect your orchids. Keep your orchid's pot free of dead leaves and debris because this harbors pests.

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