How to Make Passover Kid Friendly

Passover is a time for the Jewish people to gather with friends and family and read the Haggadah. It is extremely difficult for young children to sit through an entire Seder without any entertainment. As the host of this holiday, you can make many adaptations and additions to the evening that will invite children to join in this celebration.


Step 1

Set the table with the children in mind. Put Haggadah coloring books and crayons in front of each child's place setting. When your family sits down for this long meal there is an instant holiday-friendly activity inviting the children to be part of this passover celebration. You may also want to use some of the placemats, Afie Comon holders and Matzo plates that your children have made through the years. The children are going to want to go to the table because they are going to want to show off their artwork.

Step 2

Always have grape juice to put in the wine glasses. Children love to model their parents and feel just like everyone else at the table.

Step 3

Whip out masks of the ten plagues during the Seder dinner. Children love to see their grandparents, aunts and uncles get silly. This will keep them focused on the story. You may even choose to have the children make the masks before the meal.

Step 4

Let the children know in advance that they are going to squirt their parents in the middle of dinner. Give them frog waterguns to use during the plagues if they are well behaved.

Step 5

Sing some of the songs that your children have learned in preschool or Hebrew school. The adults can catch on easily and the children will feel important.

Step 6

Hide the Matzo at the end of the meal and have the children try to find it. You may even want to make up clues to help the children so they are headed in the correct direction. Every child should get a trinket after it is found just for playing along.

Things You'll Need

Masks, Grape juice, Artwork from last year, Crayons, Coloring book on the Haggadah, Frog waterguns, Prizes

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