How to End Passover

Passover is a celebration of the Jews' deliverance from the slavery of Pharaoh in Egypt about 3,000 years ago. This marked the first time that the Jews became their own nation. There are many ways to celebrate Passover, but here's the traditional way to end a Jewish Passover celebration.


Step 1

Celebrate Passover for eight total days total, and follow the dietary laws up until nightfall of the eighth day. Once nightfall of the eighth day has been reached, Passover has ended and you may begin to eat as you normally would again.

Step 2

Follow the same restrictions you would normally observe on the Sabbath: forgo the use of cars, electricity and certain cooking methods. Children do not go to school and men do not go to work. These customs should continue until the very end of the Passover celebration.

Step 3

Attend a morning service and evening prayer on the eighth day. Once nightfall begins, attend a service called the Havdalah ceremony. Once it is over, you have reached the end of Passover.

Step 4

Celebrate by hosting or attending a feast. All the food restrictions are now over, and you are free to enjoy whatever meal you wish.

Tips and Warnings

Check with your Rabbi for a complete list of Passover rules, services and requirements. Don't let young people skip out on the end of Passover feasts. If traditions are going to continue, young people need to be involved and recognize the significance of the holiday.

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