How to Make New Years Party Favor Bags

New Year's Eve is a time for noise makers, throwing confetti and shooting off party poppers while making a toast to the start of a new year. For your upcoming New Year's Eve party, make these easy party favor bags so that all your guests have what they need to ring in the new year with lots of noise and fun.


Step 1

Add a handful of confetti and a couple party poppers to one cellophane bag.

Step 2

Hold the noise maker sideways against the top of the bag.

Step 3

Roll the top of the bag down two or three times over the noise maker so it's held firmly.

Step 4

Place a small sticker over the top of the bag down over the noise maker to secure it and close the bag.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 for as many bags as you need.

Step 6

Place in a basket or bowl on your table for your guest to take at midnight.

Tips and Warnings

Add a fortune cookie to each bag so your guests start the new year off with a fun fortune. Purchase the cellophane bags at any craft store or local dollar store. Keep confetti away from small children.

Things You'll Need

Small clear cellophane bags , Noise makers , Confetti, Party poppers , Small stickers

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