How to Make a Party Ice Bowl

How to Make a Party Ice Bowl

This is a fun party treat for kids to make. Not only do they get to make something fancy and fun, but it also teaches them about the properties of water. It could be a fun item to bring to a school party or even a Halloween party. You can use any flavor of Jell-o for the party ice bowl, and that allows you to customize for flavors and colors. Use pastels at Easter. Choose red and green at Christmas. Use red and blue for patriotic holidays.


Step 1

To make the jello, bring 1 cup of water to a boil. Stir the contents of a 3 oz. package of Jell-o into the water. Stir until the crystals are dissolved. Stir in 1 cup of cold water. Refrigerate for 4 hours. Remember to start ahead of time so the Jell-o has time to firm up.

Step 2

Put both bowls in the sink. Place the smaller one inside the larger one. Fill the gap with water.

Step 3

Put some water in the smaller bowl to weigh it down. Otherwise, it will float too high.

Step 4

Drop marshmallows into the water between the two bowls.

Step 5

Put both bowls into the freezer. Leave them in the freezer until the water has turned into ice.

Step 6

Fill the sink with hot water. Stand the bowls in the hot water so you can separate them. You now have a bowl made of ice.

Step 7

Put the Jell-O inside the ice bowl. Garnish the Jell-o and ice bowl with whipped cream and more marshmallows.

Step 8

Set the ice bowl on a plate to catch water as it melts.

Things You'll Need

Two plastic bowls (one slightly smaller than the other), Small marshmallows , Whipped cream, Water, 3 oz. Jello package

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