How to Buy a Mother's Day Gift for a Pregnant Wife

Mother's Day can be a very exciting holiday for your family if your wife is pregnant with your first child. Even though the child hasn't been born, it's still important to celebrate the holiday and the mom-to-be. Here is how to buy a Mother's Day gift for your pregnant wife.


Step 1

Pamper your wife with a gift certificate to a local spa. If there are no spas in your area, you could always check your local salons. A nice manicure and pedicure as well as a massage is a very relaxing Mother's Day gift for your pregnant wife.

Step 2

Buy a necklace with a photo locket on it. Give this to your pregnant wife on Mother's Day with a small picture of an ultrasound if you have one. You could also simply place a picture of the two of you in the locket. Then, when the baby is born, a picture of the child could be placed in the locket.

Step 3

Find a very nice photo album at a store. Put it together with pictures of you and your wife. Write something in the book about what your wife means to you and how happy you are that she is going to be the mother of your child. Leave at least half of the album empty so that pictures of the child can be added. Perhaps you could even add new photos every Mother's Day as a tradition.

Step 4

Buy your pregnant wife a pair of very comfortable shoes or slippers. This may not be as romantic as the other gifts, but the fact remains that your wife is going to have some very sore feet while she is pregnant. Your wife might greatly appreciate a pair of nice shoes or slippers as a Mother's Day gift.

Step 5

Go to your local bookstore and find a book aimed at new moms. There are countless books on this subject at practically any price range. This is yet another simple but meaningful Mother's Day gift that your pregnant wife can enjoy all the way up until the baby is born.

Step 6

Purchase a journal for your wife. Your wife could then write about everything she is experiencing throughout her pregnancy. Once the child is born, she could write about what it's like to be a new mom. This Mother's Day gift is one that she could cherish for years, using it as a way to look back at her first pregnancy.

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