How to Tie a Spiral Knot

Spiral Knot

The spiral knot is a common knot used in the macrame arts. This knot is useful to quickly span a distance when making such macrame pieces as plant hangers or wall hangings.


Step 1

Lay the cording out on the working surface.

Step 2

Tie an overhand knot in the cording by crossing the right cording over the left cording.

Step 3

Bring the left cording up and then under the right cording. This completes an overhand knot.

Step 4

Continue tying overhand knots, always starting the knot with the right cording until the desired length has been created. The size of the knot and the number of knots required to create a certain length of spiral will vary depending on the diameter of the cording and the tighteness of the knots.

Tips and Warnings

The spiral knot can be tied around one or more filler cords. Experiment with different types of cording and color combinations.

Things You'll Need

2 (36-inch) lengths of macrame cording, twine or rope

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