How to Tie a Slipknot

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Knots have been around as long as history itself. Knot tying has been part of primitive cultures, religious rituals and even used to cure illness! Evidence of knots has been dated as far back as 10,000 years ago and primitive man quickly made it part of his “tool kit.” Man isn’t the only species to use knots, gorillas and some birds have been known to use knots to tie back saplings in a hunt for food, or to secure nests. The early Incas of Peru even used knots as a form of communication! The type of knot, color of string and placement of the knot all told viewers important news of the day. Today knots are used for both practical and leisure purposes. Whether you want to tie your shoe, cast on in knitting or rig your sailboat, a knot is sure to be part of the action. Although it has a somewhat frightening history, the slip knot is one of the most useful knots around. It's one of the few "specialty" knots you can use nearly everyday to tie simple items around the home and secure things for an easy release. Widely used in the gallows for hanging executions, the simplicity of the knot and its self tightening personality made it a noose you could count on! This also made it a favorite for sailors and rescue workers needing to secure items quickly and easily. If you missed Boy or Girl Scout lessons and haven't had the pleasure of meeting the slip knot, here are some easy instructions to get you going.


How to Tie a Slipknot

Step 1

Cut a length or rope, yarn or string. Make it at least yard long so you have plenty of string to work with while learning your knot.

Step 2

Twist the rope to form a loop in the middle of your string or rope. Hold in front of the chair leg or rail.

Step 3

Reach through the rail or chair leg and grab the loose end of the rope.

Step 4

Pull through the opening in the loop you have created. You now have tied a slipknot around your chair leg or rail.

Step 5

Practice your slip knot by "attaching" it to other things in your house like the shower curtain, draw pulls or hangers. The more you do it, the easier it will be.

Tips and Warnings

Put your new skill to use. You can use a slip knot to tie up your grocery bags, attach unique window coverings, even to drape a scarf around your neck! Pretty much anything you want to attach to something else a slip knot is up for consideration! Use a slip knot to tie a ribbon around a gift box in a unique way! Make your slip knot around the package and secure your "loop" with a fun button or pin you can poke right through your package!

Things You'll Need

A piece of rope or yarn, A chair leg or rail, A scissor

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