How to Make Indian Dishes Healthier

Indian food is quickly becoming quite popular in American and British homes. However, sometimes it might blow your diet. Here are a couple ways to make Indian dishes healthier.


Buy fresh products

Step 1

Remember that It is always best to shop yourself to ensure that you have fresh ingredients. Try to buy fresh vegetables instead of canned or frozen and look for low-fat paneer cheese as opposed to full-fat paneer cheese.

Step 2

Make your own masala or buy a powder variety masala. Ready-to-use masalas and curries have a lot of hidden ingredients that you won't add when you make your own. Also, when making these dishes, make sure you use low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt. For masala dishes, try using fresh vegetables or chicken rather than dark meat. When you are cooking curries, make sure you use leaner pork or lamb.

Step 3

Stick to cooking with olive oil--or better yet, nonstick cooking spray--to fry ingredients. Olive oil is healthier than many oils and will even enhance the flavor of your dishes, and nonstick cooking spray is fat free.

Step 4

Substitute whole grains and healthier vegetables for traditional ones. If you are adding potatoes, try sweet potatoes, which have a lower glycemic index. If your recipe requires rice, use brown rice instead of white rice. The same goes for when your recipe requires naan; there are whole wheat versions that can replace the white flour ones.

Tips and Warnings

Experiment with healthier choices, and try substituting grainier breads and flour whenever needed Making curries and masalas from scratch guarantees that you will be making healthier choices. Try to make these recipes slowly and patiently to obtain the best results. Make sure you are familiar with the original recipes before you try to adjust them. Watch out for portion sizes no matter how healthy your choices are! Avoid pastes and oilier substances.

Things You'll Need

Indian cookbook, Masala spices or curry spices, Fresh vegetables, Brown rice, Pan, Pam cooking spray, Olive oil, Yogurt
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