How to Lose 5 Pounds Quickly

Losing 5 pounds quickly is an attainable goal if you find the method that works for you. Give yourself about a week to lose the weight, but realize that keeping the weight off permanently will require following a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


Step 1

Limit your carbohydrate and fat intake. Cut out complex carbohydrates and sugars as completely as possible for a week. This means no starches such as rice, pasta and some vegetables, and no junk food. Stop drinking sugar-filled beverages such as sodas and juices and instead stick to water and calorie-free drinks. Choose lean meats and low-fat dairy products.

Step 2

Try a liquid fast. To lose 5 pounds quickly, avoid food and only drink clear liquids such as broth, water and low-sugar juices and beverages. Fasting like this is generally only safe for 48 to a maximum of 72 hours. After that, the body needs regular nourishment and you should return to a healthy diet.

Step 3

Sit in a sauna. This is a quick fix, as you are only sweating out water. You may be able to lose a few pounds after one sitting, but drinking water will cause your to replenish the water you have lost.

Step 4

Use an over-the-counter diet pill. The FDA-approved Alli is one such supplement that claims to partially block fat absorption, thereby limiting the calories your body takes in. Instead, it eliminates the excess fat through the intestinal tract. There are also other herbal supplements available with different formulations of natural ingredients that claim to suppress appetite.

Step 5

Do a lot of aerobic exercise. Go to as many aerobics classes as possible during the week, or hit the gym and use the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical machines to burn as many calories as possible. One pound equals 3,500 calories, so you'll have to burn a great amount of calories to lose 5 pounds.

Step 6

Avoid salt. Salty foods such as cold cuts and canned soups contain high amounts of sodium, which causes the body to retain water. Cutting extra salt from your diet will cause you to lose the water weight. And don't pour table salt on your food.

Tips and Warnings

These suggestions are only quick fixes. Perform regular exercise and follow a healthy diet to maintain the weight loss. Talk with your doctor before going on a diet. Fasting can be dangerous to your health and cause medical problems.

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