How to Pick the Best Low Carb Foods

Whether you're diabetic or just trying to lose weight, you may decide to turn to a low-carb diet. Learning how to pick the best low-carb foods can be challenging. Follow these simple steps and you can’t go wrong.


Step 1

Check with your doctor. Most have a low-carb diet plan available. Another great place to check for low-carb diet plans is your local library. Read up on the foods listed and pick your favorites.

Step 2

Find out the nutritional value of each food you chose. Just because you are eating low-carb doesn’t mean you should load up on fat and forget everything else. You need to make sure you are eating a well-balanced low-carb diet that includes fiber and other nutritious components. Your diet will be higher in fat, but it should be the good fats such as polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and fish oils. To get more fiber in your diet, add flax seed. It may be necessary to take vitamins and supplements to get the required nutrients. There is nothing wrong with this. Do whatever it takes to be healthy while following the low-carb diet.

Step 3

Go to the grocery store. Often, one of the quickest and easiest ways to shop for a low-carb diet is to simply go around the outside aisles of the store. Most produce, meat and dairy sections are on the outside aisles, and these are the ones you will shop from the most. There will be a few things such as flax seed and vitamins that may be on the inside aisles, but not much else. Most starchy processed foods are on the inside aisles, and you won't need any of those!

Step 4

Stick to the diet. The best advice for picking low-carb foods and sticking to a low-carb diet is to pick foods you actually like and will cook. Stock your pantry and refrigerator with fresh produce and meats that you enjoy. Keep oils and spices on hand to add flavor. The foods that you like and are easily prepared are the best low-carb foods for you!

Tips and Warnings

Pick foods you love. Add spices for flavor. Shop the outside aisles. Don't overload on fatty foods.

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