How to Cut Breakfast Carbs

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Check the carbohydrates at your breakfast table. If you want to shed a pound or two, it is as easy as changing breakfast. If the family physician says cut back on the sugar carbs to help prevent diabetes and other ailments, it is as easy as moving the sugar bowl. You can make simple changes at breakfast without giving up that all-important first meal of the day. These tips let you change only one breakfast item or more than one for the results you want.


Step 1

Juice is a great wake-up beverage. It has vitamins, minerals and that mind-clearing taste to start your day right. Read the label on your juice. Check the calories, carbohydrates and sugar. Swap out the regular juice for one that is light or low-carb. Try different flavors, too. Cranberry blends in diet or light have amazing flavor and antioxidants.

Step 2

Read your favorite morning cereal box. Scroll down the list again to the calories, carbs and sugar. Switch to homemade oatmeal, which can be microwaved in under two minutes. If you are a cold cereal person, next time you are in the store read those labels to cut the calories and sugar carbs in your bowl of flakes. Add less sugar and more berries and fruit.

Step 3

Get the sugar bowl or sugar shaker off the table. Put it away where you cannot see it. Get your doctor's opinion on sweeteners if you have a special diet. Otherwise put out a bowl of Splenda packets or any other non-sugar sweeteners that satisfy your craving.

Step 4

For one day avoid the cappuccino, frappuccino and double-latte. Check out their nutritional info on the Internet. You may find that luscious drink packs enough calories and carbs to fuel a 10K marathon. Instead take a single-serving coffee bag for breakfast. It's like a tea bag, but with coffee and you can steep it as strong as you want. And next time you go to the coffee shop, ask the barista to recommend a caffeine jolt without the heart-clogging content.

Step 5

Switch to whole grain bread with more fiber and less sugar. Get the buttery flavor spread with no cholesterol and low fat.

Step 6

Get away from those greasy donuts and soggy pastry.

Tips and Warnings

Take baby steps. Change just one thing this week. And another next week. Major brands make white breads that have the nutrition of multi-grain while still keeping that white bread-with-mayo-bologna taste. Check with your doctor or nutritionist if you have special dietary needs.

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