How to Make Easy, Fast and Tasty Low-Calorie Dishes

So you want to either lose weight or just switch to and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but you don't want to give up tasty food. Well, guess what: food doesn't have to be fried in batter, swimming in butter or covered in melted cheese to be delicious. Here are some easy to make, low calorie dishes or snacks.


Step 1

Steam fresh or frozen vegetables in a microwave steamer or inside a sieve above a pot full of water on the stove. This should take less than 10 minutes. Season with salt, pepper, lemon juice, hot sauce or soy sauce.

Step 2

Make homemade soup. Take pre-steamed or pre-boiled vegetables and pre-heated leftover chicken or tofu (optional for vegetarians) and allow them to simmer for about half an hour to an hour in a large pot of water and a bullion cube (or two) with the flavor of your choice. You may wish to add soy sauce to give it a delicious spicy Asian flavor. You can also add garlic and pepper.

Step 3

Bake apples on the go. Microwave Granny Smith apples as red ones don't bake as well. Take the apple and remove the core. You can peel it if you want, as well. Place it on a microwavable dish and sprinkle it with artificial sweetener or sugar-free syrup. You can add cinnamon as well. Microwave for about six to seven minutes.

Step 4

Prepare a fruity smoothie. Fill up the container half-full of nonfat milk and half-full with frozen fruit. You may want to add artificial sweeteners. For a thicker, more icy drink, make it 1/4 milk, 1/4 fruit and 1/2 of ice cubes.

Step 5

Prepare your own blended ice coffee. Add spoon or two of instant coffee or a shot of espresso, fill up a quarter of the cup with milk and add artificial sweetener. Then fill the rest up with ice and blend. For a smoother drink, use less ice and more milk. You can also substitute the milk for water. If you want to get really fancy, add a shot or two of your favorite sugar-free flavored syrup, available in many supermarkets and diet stories.

Tips and Warnings

You can make your blended drinks even more delicious by adding a squirt of fat-free whipped cream Avoid sauces with too much sugar, oil or cream and don't go nuts with the whipped cream. The calories can add up quickly.

Things You'll Need

Fresh or frozen vegetables (no starches), Plain, silken, soft, semi-firm or firm tofu, Leftovers of sort of pre-cooked white meat, Powdered seasonings (salt, pepper, cinnamon, garlic, etc), Low-calorie sauces (hot sauce, soy sauce, mustard, lemon juice), Bullion cubes, Fresh or frozen fruit, Fresh Granny Smith apples (cored), Sugar-free syrup, Powdered artificial sweeteners, Ice cubes, Instant coffee or a shot or two of espresso, Fat-free milk or fat-free whipped cream

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