How to Care for Pinyon Pine

Pinyon pines are drought resistant, beautiful and unique trees that feature edible pine nuts, and are small in stature. Caring for them can be a challenge, especially if you don't live in a low-rain area or have highly acidic soil. Research your region carefully before buying a Pinyon pine. Follow the instructions well and your pine will grow strong and beautiful and will stand for generations to come.


How to Care for Pinyon Pine

Step 1

Pinyon pines are planted the same way as any other tree. Dig the hole twice as wide, but the same depth, as the root ball of the tree. The little saplings will require some protection from the sun so you will need to plant them in a somewhat shaded area. Eventually they will grow tall enough to overcome the shade, but for the first year or so, shading the pine is essential. Even temporary shade like a beach umbrella will do.

Step 2

Pinyons grow best in alkaline soil athough their very presence will actually turn that same soil acidic over time. These trees are very hardy and frost has no effect on these plants but they do need to be protected from wildlife. You can do this by building small wire cages around the tiny saplings.

Step 3

Pinyons are drought resistant so they don't require a lot of water. The young trees however, will require a lot of water for the first year after planting. This gives them a jump start and provides them with greater stability later on. After the first year of growth, however, it is a good idea to reduce the amount of water your pine recieves.

Step 4

Watering the older Pinyon excessively will weaken the tree and make it much more susceptible to disease. Watering more does not make the tree grow taller or faster. It is a slow growing tree and seldom gets taller than twenty to thirty feet. In fact, if your area is having a drought currently, you are going to do well with this tree.

Step 5

Plant your Pinyon pine after very careful consideration because these are extremely long-lived trees, some of which have been recorded at up to one thousand years of age. Pick a spot you can live with in a sunny place where it seldom rains. Do not plant this tree beneath a rain spout.

Tips and Warnings

Plant your Pinyon Pine in soil with good drainage as this tree does not require a lot of water to survive. Be aware of any buried power or sewage lines before you begin digging a hole to plant your tree.

Things You'll Need

Shovel, Water, Alkalinity soil tester, A small cage to protect the young sapling

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