How to Care for Your Topiary

Caring for your topiary properly will ensure success for the plant you are trying to grow on it. It's easy to do.


Step 1

Watering your topiary is the most important step in proper care. Be careful not to overwater as it can kill the root. Water every section of the topiary at least every other day.

Step 2

Use a spray bottle to mist the top sections of your topiary with water. Do this also every couple of days for the maximum benefit and health of the plant you are growing.

Step 3

Be aware of the care recommendations for the plant you are growing on your topiary. It will vary from plant to plant so make sure you are following the instructions for the plant you have.

Step 4

About once a month, feed your plant some plant food. This is a great way to give an added boost of growth to your plant and will help it to grow faster. Make sure the food is soluble.

Step 5

Bobbie pins are an easy to keep your plant in place as it grows and steer it around the topiary as you please. Place them every so often on the plant for maximum support.

Tips and Warnings

Keep an eye out for spider mites if you are growing ivy. If you see signs of them, use a spray that is approved for houseplants.

Things You'll Need

Spray bottle with water, Watering can, Scissors, Bobby pins
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