How to Know When to Water Your Plants

If you want a green thumb but don’t possess one, you may need to take a look at how you water your plants. One wrong move can be fatal, but if you water correctly your plants will thank you.


How to Know When to Water a Plant

Step 1

Put your plants in the proper spot. Different plants need different lighting, ranging from low light to direct light. If you don’t know what type of plant you have and what type of light it needs, simply take a digital picture of it and bring the picture into your local nursery. The next best thing is to look it up online and match your plant with a picture of one on the internet then look up lighting recommendations for it.

Step 2

Check to see if your plants are dry by feeling the soil. Dig your index finger to the knuckle into the soil. Indoor plants need to be pretty dry before watering. The best way to check for moistness is by touching the soil. There are also electronic devices you can buy that will indicate when the plant needs to be watered. If you want the relaxing attributes of a plant, however, you may want to steer clear of techno fixes.

Step 3

When the soil does not feel spongy or is dry to the touch, water your plants. Soil pulling away from the sides of the pot and drooping leaves are a clear indicator your plant needs watering. A good rule of thumb for indoor plants is once a week. When you water, make sure you water the whole soil surface. You want the plant to be able to absorb the water from every angle, giving it a chance to pull what it needs from the soil on all sides. Remember, the roots are in the entire pot, not just at the core of the plant. Water first thing in the morning and stay close to the soil.

Step 4

Do not over water. The roots will rot and oxygen to the plant will be diminished. By the same token, don’t underwater either; the nutrients from the soil won’t travel to the plant.

Step 5

Cut down watering in the winter. The soil will retain moisture for longer periods in cooler temperatures. If you are keeping the heater on and the air is more dry than usual, you will need to water frequently.

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