How to Shop for Batman Fans During the Holidays

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When “The Dark Knight” hit theaters, Batman fans turned out in record numbers to see the hit sequel to "Batman Begins." The mayhem of the movie will flow right into the shopping aisles during the holiday season. If there is a Batman fan in your life, you should be prepared to shop for him this holiday (and any other event after that). There is a plethora of Batman merchandise to sort through; your job is to find the perfect present.


Step 1

Check out the board-game section of a store for Batman-related versions of popular games. There is Batman Monopoly, Batman UNO, and other varieties that put the Dark Knight twist on popular game play. Board games are always popular gifts, and the Batman twist can make them even more fun. These may be hard to find unless you look in places like Toys R Us that stock up on every kind of board game. Retailers like Wal-Mart may not have as much inventory this many months past the release of the movie.

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Please younger fans with a Batman action figure set. There are action figures available from the “Dark Knight”, “Batman Begins” and the Batman animated television series. One of the better sets is the “Batman vs. Joker 2-pack” from "The Dark Knight,” which features the two characters face to face, ready to battle. Shipping can get pricey when you're buying action figures online (unless they are already opened), so look for websites that offer free shipping. Otherwise, stick to shopping at stores.

Step 3

Purchase a collectible action figure for an older Batman fan. These figures most likely will not be open, and are highly collectible, meaning that they can cost a lot of money. The 12” Joker collectible is priced at $99; it is in 1:6 scale and features a stand for the figure. The New England chain Newbury Comics features many superhero items, with a specific focus on Batman. Elsewhere, checking out stores like F.Y.E., Spencers, and Hot Topic will guarantee a wide choice of Batman merchandise.

Step 4

Pick up a Batman book. "The Dark Knight" features the full shooting script from the movie and plenty of screenshots, as well as storyboards and other making-of features. Use a book trading website to get older Batman books; newer ones will have to be purchased from a retailer like Borders.

Step 5

Pass on the sock-giving and give Batman-related apparel. Stores like Hot Topic and Wal-Mart feature a wide range of clothing items featuring the Joker and the Dark Knight himself.

Step 6

Visit any Six Flags theme park for a wide selection of Batman merchandise. There are stores in these parks dedicated specifically just Batman and Superman; while the prices are slightly high, the clearance items can be great bargains.

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